Past Art Fair

Art Basel Hong Kong 2014

15 May - 18 May  |  2014
Chao Chung-HsiangChinyeeVerdier FabienneWang TiandeMan Fung-yiGao XingjianWay JohnTing WalasseXu LeiMok Yat-sanGu Gan
Selected Artists:
Chao Chung-hsiang, Chinyee, Gao Xingjian
Man Fung-yi, Mok Yat-san, Walasse Ting
Fabienne Verdier, Wang Tiande, John Way
Xu Lei, Xue Song

At Art Basel Hong Kong 2014, we focused on contemporary Chinese art by eight well known Chinese artists from overseas and mainland China. Works included US based artists Chao Chung-hsiang's colourful birds and fish, ink & acrylic on paper; Walasse Ting's fluorescent flowers and women on paper, Chinyee's lyrical oil & watercolour, and John Way's abstract calligraphy on canvas. Paris based Nobel Prize winner, Gao Xingjian's recent ink painting and works by three well-known mainland Chinese artists, Wang Tiande’s new ink art with burn marks, Xue Song and Xu Lei were also on display.