Past Art Fair

Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2018

09 Nov - 11 Nov  |  2018
Jiang ShuoWang MengshaZhang XiaoliShan WeijunWang TiandeXu Jianguo

Alisan Fine Arts is pleased to participate in Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair for the second time. This year our booth focuses on the innovation and creativity of ink art, with artworks by established and emerging gallery artists that inspire and delight, including Wang Tiande, Xu Jianguo, Shan Jianjun, Wang Mengsha, Zhang Xiaoli and Jiang Shuo. These artists are notable for their adherence to the aesthetic of Chinese culture and the noble ideals of Chinese philosophy, while simultaneously making innovative strides in the field of contemporary ink art.

Xu Jianguo and Shan Weijun are Chinese-born diaspora artists presently residing in New York and Paris, respectively, while Wang Tiande is an internationally acclaimed ink artist from Shanghai. These three artists offer unique perspectives on “old meets new,” with traditional scholarly practices interposed with modern and experimental approaches to ink creation. Wang Tiande’s signature burn paintings, Xu Jianguo’s lyrical cityscapes, and Shan Weijun’s pointillism landscapes all, in their unique ways, elevate traditional landscape painting to a contemporary context.

We will also be showing the colourful and playful sculpture of diaspora artist Jiang Shuo, known for her humorous interpretations of modern culture.

Wang Mengsha and Zhang Xiaoli are female emerging ink artists born in the 1980s. An important figure of "Boudoir Painters" (Guige閨閣), Wang is known for her colourful utopias inspired by gardens and courtyards. In traditional gongbi ink painting style, the young artist Zhang Xiaoli presents surreal landscapes inside music boxes, zipped plastic bags, and food trays, highlighting the portability and transient nature of one's life. Both Wang Mengsha and Zhang Xiaoli are creating and presenting new works specifically for ART021 2018.