Past Art Fair

Art West Lake • The 2nd International Ink Wash Fair

24 May - 27 May  |  2019
Lan Zhenghui
Lan Zhenghui: Full Moon at West Lake

Talk: 24 (Friday) 16:00-17:00
Title: A Dialogue between artist Lan Zhenghui and Professor Pi Daojian: Cross-contextual Expressions within Contemporary Ink Art
Speaker: Professor Pi Daojian (Academic curator of Art West Lake), artist Lan Zhenghui

This year we are proud to debut our participation in "Art West Lake: The 2nd International Ink and Wash Fair." For this special event, we will be holding a solo exhibition for Lan Zhenghui, an international contemporary ink painter who is best known for his powerful, often large-scale, splash ink paintings, expressing a feeling of excitement and daring, approaching the border of the magnificent. Preferring to focus on the relationship of integration and macroscopic processes over detail and realism, he allows the ink to flow freely and paints with bold, kinetic strokes. A selection of site specific new works will be shown, including a large-scale 8m by 3.5m masterpiece, echoing a work featured at his solo exhibition at Beijing's Today Art Museum last month.

A dialogue between artist Lan Zhenghui and the Academic Curator of the Art West Lake International Ink Art Fair, Pi Daojian, will be held on 24 May 2019 from 4-5pm. The discussion entitled "Cross-contextual Expressions within Contemporary Ink Art", will cover the widely-discussed topics of "Experimental Ink", "Efforts to Internationalise Contemporary Art", and "Theory and Practice of Ink Script".