Past Art Fair

Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2019

07 Nov - 10 Nov  |  2019
Ting WalasseWei LigangYang JiechangZhang XiaoliHui Hoi-kiu, AngelKum Chi-Keung
For this, the third year of our gallery's participation in Art 021, Alisan Fine Arts is proud to unveil a showcase of artworks by six Chinese artists from three different generations, corresponding with our gallery’s focus on promoting Chinese diaspora and New Ink Art. Represented artists include the internationally acclaimed Chinese-American painter Walasse Ting; contemporary abstract calligrapher Wei Ligang; the Chinese-French multi-media artist Yang Jiechang, whose solo show "3 Souls 7 Spirits" opens 6 November at Shanghai's Minsheng Art Museum; birdcage sculptor Kum Chi-keung; and the wildly popular emerging women ink artists Zhang Xiaoli and Hui Hoi-kiu. For the occasion of Art 021 2019, newly created works by Wei Ligang and Zhang Xiaoli will display alongside a series of never before seen small paintings from the Ting estate, and selections of Yang Jiechang's most iconic "Hundred Layers of Ink" series, creating a comprehensive and complementary environment of various ink styles.