Past Art Fair

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016

22 Mar - 26 Mar  |  2016
Chu ChuQiu DeshuWang TiandeXu JianguoKing StephenMok Yat-san
Selected Artists:
Chu Chu, Hao Shiming, Stephen King
Mok Yat-san, Qiu Deshu, Wang Tiande
Xu Jianguo , Yao Yuan

Contemporary Landscapes: From Modern Classics to the New Vanguard

In 2016, Alisan Fine Arts presented “Contemporary Landscapes: From Modern Classics to the New Vanguard” at Art Basel Hong Kong 2016. The gallery featured 8 contemporary Chinese artists. The display aimed to examine the shifting currents in landscape painting within the ink tradition.

Each artist –whether consciously or unconsciously– represented a trend in the hope to ‘modernize’ or ‘revitalize’ the Chinese tradition of landscape painting. They recalled tropes from the Song dynasty in form and content or sought new inspiration from artistic traditions in and around the East/West dichotomy. The aim of this curated selection of works was to attest to the pluralism existent in modern and contemporary ink painting.