Past Art Fair

Fine Art Asia 2015

04 Oct - 07 Oct  |  2015
Chao Chung-HsiangChinyeeWay JohnTing Walasse
Selected Artists:
Chao Chung-hsiang, Walasse Ting
John Way, Chinyee

Syncretic Visions: The First Generation of Chinese Diaspora Artists in America

At FINE ART ASIA 2015, Alisan Fine Arts showcased four important Chinese diaspora in America: Chao Chung-hsiang, Walasse Ting, John Way and Chinyee. They are part of the first generation of Chinese artists to leave mainland China in the 1950s and 1960s to settle down in the United States of America to further develop their artistic careers. With their arrival they brought Chinese painting to the attention of main stream international art; attaining remarkable achievements in the development of contemporary art. While China remained the basis of their artistic practices, the United States became their inspiration. Notably their works demonstrate how Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art shaped their artistic production, contributing to a distinctive style while working in a diverse range of media.