Past Art Fair

Ink Asia 2016

15 Dec - 18 Dec  |  2016
Wang TiandeZhang YuHao ShimingPan Gongkai
Selected Artists:
Has Shiming, Pan Gongkai, Wang Tiande
with ink installation by Zhang Yu at public space P1

Variations in Ink

In 2016, Alisan Fine Arts participated in the second edition of Ink Asia, the first international art fair dedicated to ink painting. The gallery included works by three Chinese artists – Hao Shiming, Pan Gongkai, and Wang Tiande – that experimented with line, form and media in ink painting. This curated selection presented the artistic lineage of Chinese ink painting and the variations in contemporary practices and reflected the way in which artists re-imagined line as a mere brush stroke, or as a form created by serendipity.