Shen Fan

1955, Shanghai China


Shen Fan was born in Shanghai in 1955 and graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Shanghai Light Industry Institute in 1986. He started painting abstract works in 1980s and deconstructing forms and space in his paintings. He is one of the pioneers who incorporated classical Chinese elements into contemporary context. During 1990s, while his works are composed of monochromatic patterns and Western Minimalism, they keep the distinct characters of classical Chinese art by painting on rice paper and applying numerous calligraphy-like black strokes to his work. Starting from 1998, he has been applying Chinese elements to his paintings on various mediums and materials, exploring the possibilities of painting and new media. He created groundbreaking installations for the 2006 Shanghai Biennial, which were created in tribute to Huang Binhong and reexamined the brushstrokes and composition of classical Chinese paintings.  We will be displaying his Chinese elements-embodied abstract works from the early 1990s.


Born in Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China
1962    Moved to Shanghai, China

Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Shanghai Light Industry Institute (Now known as Shanghai Institute Technology), China
1997    Professor, Shanghai Huashan Fine Arts School, China
2008    Artist in Residence, The Collection Studio, Lincoln, UK
Present    Lives in Shanghai, China


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