Huang Yao



The work of modern Asian ink artist Huang Yao is one of man’s extraordinary exploration of ink and is a testament to his love of culture and his motherland. His trademark lively brush strokes are evident throughout his diverse collection of works: from cartoons to traditional Chinese genres; weaving through the upside-down calligraphy “chuyunshu,” to his modern calligraphy of ancient Chinese characters “wenzihua,” and finally encompassing abstract works that rival those of his western counterparts.


During his burgeoning career as a journalist, Huang Yao’s early schooling in Chinese calligraphy (taught by his literati father), painting, history, literature, philology, and philosophy was put to the test when he decided to create a cartoon character with ink and brush. In the creation of his famous cartoon “Niubizi,” he used contemporary art techniques familiar today to express the social realities of his time. To enhance his cartoon, Huang Yao developed a suitable childlike script to accompany Niubizi, which marks the start of using “chuyunshu” in his career. During the war in mainland China, Huang endured a journey through many cities. His travels led him to Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and finally Malaysia. His scholarly side was drawn out in these foreign surroundings, and he was able to wield his brush to expand the boundaries of ink.


After Huang passed away in 1987, his family decided to set up the Huang Yao Foundation and later a studio (in 2001) for researching, collating and documenting the collection of artworks that he left behind. From his paintings, cartoons, sketches and written works, we can realize the depth of his incredible life's work, personal values, and devotion to China. 

1917    Born in Shanghai
1933    Worked for Shanghai Post, Shanghai, China
1934    Started the creation of Niubizi cartoons
Journalist at the Shanghai Post, Shanghai, China
1935    Art editor of Shanghai Post, Shanghai, China
1937    Lived in Ningbo, Nanjing, Hankou, China
1938    Moved to Chongqing, China
1942    Lived in Guiyang, Guilin, Liuzhou, China
Guiyang City Government acquired the manuscript of Guiyang Cartoon
Married Zheng Baolin in December
1944    Lived in Guiyang, Kunming, his son Huang Yan was born in Guiyang
1945    Lived in Chongqing, Luzhou, China
1945-46     Lived in Kunming, China; Haiphong, Vietnam
1947    Lived in Kunming, Guangzhou, Hong Kong
1951    Started scholar period
Lived in Bangkok, Thailand
1956    Moved to Singapore; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1959    Senior teacher, Han Jiang High School, Penang, Malaysia
1960    Travelled Malaysia extensively for his scholarly book The History of Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore
Researched ancient Chinese characters
1962    Headmaster, Xin Min High School, Alor Setar, Malaysia
1967    Published The History of Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore
1973    Started to be a painter
Retired and lived in Penang, Malaysia
1978    Moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and lived with his son’s family
1973-87    Creation of “Wenzhihua” (paintings of Chinese characters), “Ziyouhua” (Contemporary abstract paintings), “Chuyunshu” (Calligraphy with or without picture as background), traditional and innovative landscape paintings, figure paintings including scrolls of 100 children at play, Goddess of Mercy, God of Longevity, folk culture figures, important figures in Tao, Zen and Buddhism
1987    Passed away in Malaysia



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