Kong Kai-ming

1935, Hong Kong


Born in 1932 in Hong Kong, Kong Kai Ming is one of the very few famous local artists who were born and educated in Hong Kong. Kong has had a passion for art since childhood, but the harsh social situations of the time make art a treacherous pursuit. Kong became a family breadwinner just after completing his junior secondary studies. Meanwhile, he taught himself painting and art theory in his own time. Kong is particularly conversant in drawings of people and scenery and is familiar with such mediums as a fountain pen and pencil sketching, watercolour, oil pastel, and printmaking.

Kong was engaged in art education since the age of 20 and retired in 1993, having dedicated over 50 years of his life to art education in Hong Kong. He has taught at the Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts, First Institute of Art and Design, School of Continuing Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Continuing Education at Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Correctional Services Department, and has published over 40 volumes of art-related books.

Dedicated to expanding and furthering his artistic horizon, Kong keeps challenging himself by frequently traveling to and drawing in different parts of the world. Now over 70, Kong continues to work on his 
Eyes on the World, One with Nature series.