Woo Nancy

1941, China


Nancy Woo, one of Hong Kong`s remarkable contemporary female artists, distinguishes herself by the ever-evolving nuances even with her own highly unique East-West style.

Born in Guangzhou, then raised in Hong Kong, Nancy`s early training in painting was under the tutelage of the renowned Lingnan Schoolmaster Zhao Shao-ang. Nancy then left Hong Kong to pursue her art studies in the US - at Cornell University (BA) and Columbia University (MA) - and hence developed her appreciation for Western styles of art as well, building upon her base of classical Chinese artistic sensibilities. She did not return to Hong Kong for 14 years until 1973; which has since then been her home. When she first moved to Hong Kong, Nancy eased into the local art world as a lecturer in the Fine Arts department at the University of Hong Kong, before opening her own studio a few years later and switching back to pursue her real interest: creative painting. Her technique was further honed under the guidance of Lingnan Master Yang Sanshen; her inspirations are from her glocal travels to far-flung destinations, and the end product is distinctively her own.

Nancy Woo has held solo exhibitions in China, Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the United States.