Mak Winnie

1957, Hong Kong


Winnie Mak was born in Hong Kong. She lives in Hong Kong and is currently the President of the Hong Kong Union of Visual Artists. She moved to Canada in the 1970s at a time when Hong Kong was experiencing rapid artistic development. There she studied western art and ink painting through the workshops offered by Lee Byng, a renowned watercolorist, and Lam Chin-shek, a noted painter, calligrapher, and seal-carver.

She returned to Hong Kong in 1994, setting up her own studio to teach art and for the practice and promotion of contemporary ink painting and graphic art. Apart from developing her own artwork, she administered an array of art projects and visual arts exhibitions, in her capacity as curator and organizer for the Hong Kong Committee of the Federation of Asian Artists, under the aegis of the Home Affairs Bureau of HKSAR, and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, with rewarding results. Her serigraphy has been represented in international art fairs, competitions, and invitational exhibitions, and she was recognized with a Special Jury Award at the International Mini Prints 2020 organized by the International Printmaking Center, the National Taiwan Normal University.

She was invited to present her one-person exhibitions: ‘Ink - Window to Tranquility’ in 2015 in Hong Kong, and ‘LINES and BEYOND:
Contemporary Ink by Winnie Mak’ in 2014 in Taipei respectively. In 2020, the Howard Salon in Taipei presented her one-person exhibition, ‘The Emerald Shades of Flowers and Leaves – The Ink Art World of Winnie Mak’.

Her artworks have been included in the permanent collection of The Duanghuang Arts Centre, China (2001); the University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong (2007); The Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center in Bangkok, the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, the Ministry of Culture of Thailand (2013); Yiqingzhai Studio (2013); the International Printmaking Center of the National Taiwan Normal University (2017); The Diaghilev Museum of Modern Art of the St. Petersburg State University (2018); the Hongkong Land Limited (2018); and the Muzeul de Arta Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2019); and corporate and private collectors.