Pan Yingguo

1985, Chongqing, Sichuan, China


A graduate of the oil painting department of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Pan Yingguo plays with mimesis and the idea of replicating nature in a quasi-realistic way.

The representation of the scholar’s rock has for centuries been intimately linked to ink painting. Very few oil painters dare to venture within such a classical subject, especially those using a realist technique, which goes against the sensitivity and permanence of the inked brush on paper.

Putting the subject aside, almost everything in Pan’s works goes against Chinese tradition. Going against the fast-paced essentiality of the ink, the artist uses the slow, layered qualities of oil and months of labour to realize each of his paintings. Against poetic evocation, he uses faithful representation and against the monochrome, he introduces colours. From his paintings, we can see the desire of a Chinese painter venturing into his culture and tradition, but from his very own perspective.

POP ROCK in 2021 is Alisan Fine Arts’ first time working with the artist. We have also included his works at our booth Past & Present Landscapes, Art Basel Hong Kong, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre in 2022.