Chuang Che

1934, Beijing China


It was in the late 1960s when Director Alice King first saw Chuang Che’s works in the home of a friend in New York. Painted in the style of Western Abstract Expressionism, the image remained vividly in her mind, and in 1982 the gallery began exhibiting his works. Born in 1934 in Beijing, China, Chuang’s early education was steeped in classical Chinese painting and calligraphy. His father, Chuang Shangyen, was the Vice-Director of the National Palace Museum in Beijing and so Chuang Che had many opportunities to see the museum’s collection first-hand.

In 1949, he immigrated to Taiwan with his family and graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the Taiwan Normal University in 1957 having studied drawing under Chu Teh-Chun. It was during this period that Chuang co-founded the Fifth Moon Group, which advocated that Chinese artists experiment with traditional Chinese art and Western avant-garde art – in particular Abstract Expressionism. The art historian Michael Sullivan wrote that Chuang Che artwork ”rejected the tien (dots) and ts’un (texture strokes) altogether” creating “[Franz] Kline-like gestures”. (The Meeting of Eastern and Western Art, pg. 199). In 1966, having won an Asian Cultural Council Fellowship to study in the United States, he began travelling to Europe and the United States in 1968. In 1973 he settled in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and in 1988 moved to New York where he continues to work. Since the 1960s, he has made a concerted attempt to revolutionise Chinese landscape painting, incorporating abstract elements in acrylic and oil.

Since 1982, Alisan Fine Arts has held five solo exhibitions for the artist. His works have also been included in several of the gallery’s important group exhibitions, such as Abstraction and Beyond held in 1997 at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, and in the same year at the Shanghai Art Museum The Chinese Root: Works by Mainland and Overseas Chinese Artists. His works have been collected by the Cleveland Museum of Art; Detroit Institute of Art; Cornell University; Fine Art Museum, Flint, Michigan; National Museum of History, Taipei; Taipei Fine Arts Museum; China Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing; Shanghai Art Museum; Guangdong Museum of Art; Hong Kong Museum of Art, M+, Hong Kong.

1934 Born in Beijing, to Chuang Shang-Yen, a scholar and calligrapher who worked at the National Palace Museum, Beijing, China
1948 Moved to Taiwan
1954 Studied under Chu Teh-Chun at Fine Arts Department, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
1958 Graduated from Fine Arts Department, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
Co-founder of Fifth Moon Group, Taiwan
Exhibited in Premiere Biennale de Paris, and Biennial de Sao Paulo, Brazil
1960-64 Travelled Europe, met Zao Wou-ki and Chu Teh-chun in Paris, and met Antonio Tapis in Sapin
1962 Exhibited in International Painting Salon in Hong Kong
1963-73 Professor of Art, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan
1965 Solo exhibitions in USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong
1966 Awarded John D. Rockefeller III Foundation Fellowship (Visual Art) to study in USA
Artist-in-residence at University of Iowa, Iowa, USA
Became assistant of American Abstract sculptor Seymour Lipton (1903-1986), New York, USA
1967 Solo show, Ann Arbor, Michigan; travelled to Europe
1968 Observed contemporary art developments in USA and Europe; Spent six months in Paris, France
1972 Received award to study Art History in Michigan University, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
1973 Moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
1985 Fulbright Fellow as Visiting Professor, National Arts Institute, Taipei, Taiwan
1986 Travelled to Mainland China; exhibited in Beijing, China
1988 Moved to New York, USA
1992 Set up studio in Manhattan, New York, USA
Present Lived in New York, USA




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