Past Exhibition

A Limited Collection of Antonio Mak Sculptures

19 Feb - 03 Mar  |  2011
Antonio Mak 麥顯揚 (1951-1994 Hong Kong) was part of a new generation of local artists in the 1980s who were raised in Hong Kong and educated in the West, most did not feel burdened to integrate Chinese cultural elements into their work. Mak is noted for paradoxical themes, ambiguity and folly by deconstruction and recombination – sculptures of that kind will be on display until 3 March 2011. Featuring a total of 9 sculptures from 1977 to 1994 which are all small in size, measuring in height between 7cm to 34cm.
Most of Mak's works are unique with no editions as he did not intend to sell them, instead he was making money by teaching and making props, or big commissions of commercial works. In 2008, the Hong Kong Museum of Art held an exhibition “Looking for Antonio Mak.” The exhibition paid homage to Mak by asking 8 Chinese artists to create works based on their feelings, responses and interpretations of Mak's sculptures. In 2009, Alisan Fine Arts showed his sculptures at the Hong Kong International Arts & Antiques Fair.
From 1971-75, Mak studied painting at Goldsmith’s College, School of Art, University of London, and graduated with 1st Class Honours. He was the winner of The Delegacy Prize, UK in 1975. He undertook studies in sculptures at the Slade School of Art, University of London and worked under supervision at the Bronze Foundry of The Royal College of Art in London 1975-77. In the late 1980s, he travelled to US for intensive training in the latest technical methodologies of bronze casting at the Johnson Foundry in New York. From 1974 to 1994, he had around 20 exhibitions in UK, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. A Retrospective was held at the Hong Kong City Hall Exhibition Hall in 1995. His works are in private and museum collections in Hong Kong and internationally.