Past Exhibition

Contemporary Calligraphy: New Works by Wei Ligang & Yang Xiaojian

16 Mar - 18 Apr  |  2009
Yang Xiaojian
Born in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, in 1960, Yang is now living in Shanghai. For many years, Yang Xiaojian did traditional calligraphic paintings, a practice through which the artist could less and less express his passion. From the 90s until 2004, his change of style came from wanting to surpass tradition as a process of surpassing himself. Wei Ligang called Yang’s new expression ‘ink fauvism’ of the Chinese calligraphy principally stemming from Yang’s work suggesting a pure ink collection revealing the essence of the hanzi. The viewer is entirely catapulted into the explosion of the conventional character bursting into clouds akin to a volcano… “a feeling of something new” erupting from a tradition.
Since the 80s, Yang has exhibited his works in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Wei Ligang
Born in Datong City, Shanxi Province in 1964, Wei Ligang adheres to traditional calligraphy. Wei can either write his character or construct his calligraphic paintings as in Han Xizai Feasting at Night – the scandalous private life of Han Xizai, senior minister of three emperors of the Southern Tang Dynasty in the mid-10th century. Wei’s work melds the ink of Chinese calligraphic spirit and the artist’s emotion. One of the most significant artists of the post-modern calligraphy movement in China during the last 20 years, Wei at times borrows from Japanese modern calligraphy and Western Abstract Expressionism, his strokes sometimes combine with metallic colour, create a visual complexity of magical power and metamorphic unpredictability.
Since the 80s, Wei’s works have been exhibited throughout the world, and collected by major museums at home and abroad.