Past Exhibition

Women Artists

01 Mar - 31 Mar  |  2008
In celebration of International Women’s Week Alisan Fine Arts will be presenting the works of 7 Chinese women artist during the month of March.

These artists include artists Tseng Yu-ho, Chinyee and Hoo Mojong and Mary Chuang who having left China in the late 1940’s and 1950’s belong to the Chinese Diaspora. Other artists include Hong Kong artists Pat Hui and Man Fung- yi as well as mainland Chinese artist Yu Wei.

Hoo Mojong (b. 1924 Shanghai, China, currently residing in Paris, France)
Her figurative works include oils and works on paper. The subject matter revolves around everyday objects such as friuts, vegetables and figures. Similar to her personality, they are strong, down to earth, warm and direct. Having lived most her artistic life in Paris she is better known in the West than in Hong Kong until recently when she held several exhibits in China.

Tseng Yu-ho (b. 1925 Beijing, China, currently residing in Hawaii, USA)
Having lived in Hawaii for over 50 years Tseng describes her works as diverse, imaginative, traditional and universal. Having been involved with many artistic movements over her life time, first in China, then Hawaii, Taiwan, Europe and America one can see why.

Chinyee (b.1929 Nanjing, China currently resides in New York, USA)
Although Chinyee associates herself with the New York school of Abstract Expressionism, her works combine both Eastern spirit and Western expression. Her bold and colourful works are full of life and excitement. She recently had a 50 Year Retrospective in the Shanghai Art Museum, China.

Mary Chuang (b. 1935 Canton, China currently residing in New York, USA)
Chuang started painting in the late 1950’s. Her figure paintings are reminiscent of China in the 1920’s with women leisurely fanning themselves or getting dressed to go out. The scenes are painted from her childhood memories while growing up in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau. After graduating with a BA in Art from The Taiwan Normal University in 1958, she founded the Fifth Moon Group, a group that led Taiwan’s renaissance art scene, together with a group of young contemporary artists. Prior to moving to America, she was a professor of art at Taichung Home Economic College. Her works have been exhibited extensively in the USA and Taiwan.

Pat (Suet-Bik) Hui (b.1943 Hong Kong, currently resides in Minneapolis, USA)
Hui’s paintings are full of vibrant colours and sweeping brushstrokes coupled with writings of classical Chinese poetry. As she explains, “My painting style is based on my love for nature, classical Chinese poetry, a longing for the freedom of expression in western expressionism, my feeling for the colour sense of impressionism, my passion for Chinese calligraphy and strong belief in abstraction.” She studied under well known Hong Kong artist Lui Shou- Kwan.

Yu Wei (b. 1960 Nanjing, Jiansu Province, China)
She paints in a Chinese traditional Gong Bi style. Her intricate paintings are feminine and are mostly of flowers and birds. After graduating from the Jiansu Institute of Fine Arts, Yu Wei went on to win many national awards. Her works have been shown in London, Japan, Hong Kong and around China.

Man Fung-yi (b. Hong Kong 1968)
The youngest of the group, Man graduated from the Department of Fine Art, the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1990 and received her Masters in Fine Art in 1999. She has participated in many local and international exhibitions and has won numerous awards in Hong Kong and overseas. Her works are collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum and private collectors. Her sculptures are made of stainless steel and brass giving one a feeling of coolness, quiet and peace.