Past Exhibition

Chinyee, Gao Xingjian, Pat Hui & Wucius Wong.

01 Sep - 31 Oct  |  2008
Based in New York, Chinyee was born in 1929 in Nanjing, China, Chinyee was involved in the arts at an early age, and was rewarded a 4-year scholarship in 1947 to study fine arts at Mt. St. Vincent University, N.Y. followed by her receiving a Med from New York University in 1952.
Her loose unformulated brushstrokes reflect both Asian brush techniques and years of careful study of modernist abstraction. In her work, one may detect the Willem de Kooning’s spontaneity, Joan Mitchell’s poignancy, and Mark Rothko’s spaciousness.
Chinyee’s first solo exhibition was held in 1965 at the prestigious Mi Chou Gallery in Manhattan. Followed by many solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Canada, Asia (Shanghai, Taipei, Japan, Hong Kong), and London. The artist is the recipient of many awards, and her work has been honoured by UNICEF in its educational films and by the U.S. Department of States “Art in Embassies Program”.

Pat Hui & Wucius Wong
Hui and Wong were both students of Lui Shou-kwan, Hong Kong’s doyen of Chinese ink painting. Hui and Wong have shared an interest in poetry, calligraphy and painting since they met 46 years ago. Known as the ‘Three Perfections’, this idea dates back to centuries ago, but the artists’ approach to it is totally contemporary. Wong not only uses poems from the Tang and Song Dynasties, he also composes modern poems as in Wind Wind Rain Rain. Writing in the running cursive style, the calligraphy is superimposed over the colourful abstract ‘landscape’ by Hui. To Hui it is a visual translation and interpretation of poetry comprising of colour, sound, scent and scenery. Through their collaborative work, minimalism and beauty transcend.

Wucius Wong
Although Pat Hui is still based in Minneapolis, Wucius Wong returned to Hong Kong after his experience in the U.S.A. to study western painting (1961-64), observe contemporary art in the West through a J.D. Rockefeller III fellowship fund in 1970, and lecture series in American universities in 1984. Wong has has developed his own style by mixing Chinese ink art with contemporary Western design aesthetics; he has integrated design geometry and majestic landscape in his work. He has authored many books on art and design, and his works are included in numerous museum and private collections