Past Exhibition

Summer Festival of New Ink Art

01 Jul - 31 Aug  |  2007
Alisan Fine Arts is pleased to present the ‘Summer Festival of New Ink Art’, an exhibition of abstract Chinese ink paintings during the months of July and August. The exhibition explores the new trend of ink art development from Mainland China and overseas.

Wang Chuan, born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, 1953, studied traditional Chinese painting at the Sichuan Art Academy in Chongqing, 1978. His attraction to ink as medium of expression came about in 1984, where Wang experimented with inks many possibilities and versatilities. He began with merging calligraphy forms with abstract shapes, gradually dissolving calligraphic characteristics leaving only the abstract form. He has been exploring the relationship of abstract form and space ever since.

Yang Xiaojian: Born in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, 1960, now living in Shanghai, Yang’s painting style has changed into what has been recognized as the “Ink Beast”. His work demonstrates strength and power through each bold brushstroke.

Gao Xingjian was born in China, 1940 and migrated to Paris in 1987. His paintings are executed in traditional Chinese medium of black ink on rice paper and admired for their contemplative images and evocative atmosphere. Gao Xingjian is also a celebrated modern playwright who became the first French Chinese recipient to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2000.

The exhibition will also include the works of Beijing artist; Shao Yan and Singapore artists; Chua Ek Kay, Zhuang Shengtao and Li Dezhuang.