Past Exhibition

New Works by Wei Ligang

09 Dec - 31 Dec  |  2006
Wei Ligang
Wei Ligang, one of the most significant artists of the postmodern calligraphy movement in China during the last 20 years, attempts to transform Chinese calligraphy into contemporary abstract ink painting. In 2005, as a fellowship grantee from Asian Cultural Council Hong Kong, Wei travelled to New York to do research on recent developments in contemporary art. Since the1980s, he has exhibited in New York, London, Sydney, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xian, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Taipei, etc. His works are collected by the British Museum, UK; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA; Today Art Museum, Beijing and He Xiang Ning Art Gallery, Shenzhen, China, etc.

Born in 1964 Datong City, Shanxi Province, China, Wei learned Chinese opera and painting from his father when he was a child, and was a student of Tianjin famous calligraphers Li Henian (1912-2000), Wang Xuezhong (1925- ) and Sun Bo Xiang (1934- ). In 1981, he majored in mathematics at the Nankai University, Tianjin. After graduating in 1985, he taught mathematics in Taiyuan City where he began to learn Fushan (1607-1684 Chinese artist of the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty) style calligraphy. He settled in Beijing as a professional artist in 1995. He is currently Vice Chairman of the China Society of Modern Calligraphers and a professor of the Beijing Normal University Zhuhai campus.

As an art based on Fushan's cursive calligraphy, Wei Ligang's ink work has a close relationship with Chinese characters and writing. He adds cursive to the already complex seal script to make his work illegible, resulting in paintings of nonsemantic forms. Other times borrowing from Japanese modern calligraphy and Western Abstract Expressionism, his strokes entwining, tangling, penetrating, overlapping, sometimes combine with metallic colour, create a visual complexity of magical power and metamorphic unpredictability.

“Wei Ligang displays his gifted art talent including his sense in colour, hues, texture and gradation, as well as his attainments in calligraphy. Then we can see a new writing text with values on concept and vision.” (Fan Dian, Curator of National Art Museum of China, Beijing)

Alisan Fine Arts is pleased to present Wei Ligang's new works, an exhibition of around 30 works in ink on paper, collage and print. Wei Ligang will be arriving to Hong Kong especially to be present at the exhibition opening on 9 December 2006, 3pm-5pm at Alisan Fine Arts.

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