Past Exhibition

3-Dimensional Ink

25 Nov - 23 Dec  |  2017
Nan QiLing Pui-szeMan Fung-yiMok Yat-san
Special opening on the occasion of Art Day @South Island
by Hong Kong Art Gallery Association
CC Ling Pui-sze will be present on the Art Day and explain her installation
Oboe performance: 2pm by Cecilia Wan
Address: 2305 Hing Wai Centre, 7 Tin Wan Praya Road, Aberdeen
Free shuttle bus from Wong Chuk Hang MTR station to Alisan Fine Arts, for more info

Exhibition continues until 23 December 2017 by appointment only

A pioneer in promoting New Ink Art, Alisan Fine Arts is proud to present “3-Deminsional Ink” exhibition featuring four innovative ink artists Nan Qi, Man Fung-yi, Mok Yat-san and CC Ling Pui-sze, who have been exploring new forms of ink art. The artists have immersed their life experiences in the works and adopted various art forms including paintings, sculptures and installations to bring traditional ink art into a new 3D era.

The idea of 3D ink art was examined in the exhibition “New Ink Art: Innovation and Beyond” in 2008, an important contemporary ink exhibition guest curated by Gallery Director Alice King for the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The exhibition was groundbreaking at the time as it challenged the traditional boundaries of ink painting in terms of medium and philosophy, opening up a new direction for ink art in the 21st century. This current exhibition explores how 3D ink art has further developed over the last decade.

For this exhibition, we have specially selected various unique 3D works of art. Nan Qi's emoji works feature big thumbs, smileys and roses that are part of our everyday lives. These works resemble Pop art at first glimpse but as you look more carefully the work begins to change from 2D to 3D. As in the artist’s own words, “Stare closely at the centre of the painting for two minutes. Relax yourself, clear your mind and then slowly move backward, you will experience the 3D effect of the painting.” Man Fung-yi’s latest work “Insight”, an installation consisting of an artist-made brass case stand that displays 6 pieces of burn marks on round rice paper, black Shenxiang, wood incense sticks and ashes on a stainless steel plate. Man considers her ‘Ink Installation’ a process of cultivating familiarity in her mind. To her, burning holes on silk and rice paper, as well as drawing blue silk lines, are ways to practice Zen. She intends to learn and understand the mind and the heart in a quiescent and gradual way; derived through a deep reflection and contemplative experience, along the way in order to move back to the state of non-duality. Mok Yat-san's ink scroll sculptures feature his newest work “Loving Kindness”. It is in the form of a traditional Chinese hanging scroll made of stainless steel, thus transferring the painting into a 3-dimensional work of art. In his sculptures, there are various elements of traditional ink painting, such as a butterfly, the mountain, a rock, a tree and clouds. He further adds his childhood memories to the sculptures, like a polar bear and a train. As a result, it resembles a 3-dimensional ink landscape painting. CC Ling Pui-sze's new installation work "Warrior 3" explores mind control between different creatures. A life like snail is the subject of the work. Its feelers will turn into strange colour and grow with spines in order to protect itself from birds. Surrounded by the bird sounds, it seems the birds are discussing whether they should catch the snail. A huge sculputural tree branch will be created as a shelter for the snail.

On Art Day at South Island, our Aberdeen gallery will be especially opened to invite the public to experience these new explorations of traditional ink. Artist CC Ling Pui-sze will be present on Art Day at South Island to discuss her work.