Upcoming Exhibition


05 Dec - 27 Feb  |  2020 -2021
Cherney MichaelLee Chun-yiWang TiandeZhang Yu
Opening  |  5 December 2020, 3pm-6pm  |  Aberdeen Gallery
The opening of the exhibition will take place on Dec 5th from 3pm to 6pm to coincide with the last #Southsidesaturday this year. To maintain better social distancing, we kindly ask you to RSVP assistant@alisan.com.hk.

Public hours Wednesday to Saturday 10am-6pm

Alisan Fine Arts is excited to present Brushless Ink Painting, a group exhibition featuring four internationally renowned artists whose practices revolutionize contemporary ink painting with the use of various tools and media. While brush and ink form the backbone of traditional Chinese ink painting and aesthetics, these four pioneering artists have chosen to push the boundaries of this classical practice by replacing the brush with the use of stamping, photography, incense sticks, and the artist’s own index finger. Together, they have collectively redefined and revived the ancient art form with their robust understanding and respect for the tradition, as well as their clear insights into the future trajectory of ink painting.

Artists included in this exhibition are American photographer, Michael Cherney who uses the materiality of photographic images printed on rice paper; cosmopolitan Taiwanese artist Lee Chun-yi whose approach departs from the conventional use of brushes by employing Chinese seals and ink rubbings on paper to form a semi-photographic image; avant-garde ink artist Wang Tiande while uses the brush to paint, his use of incense sticks adds an unique and ephemeral quality to his traditional landscapes and calligraphy and lastly Zhang Yu whose experimental use of his index finger as the sole tool of creation, fully explores the relationship between self-identity, time, and existence.

The continuing contribution from these four innovative artists has helped in expanding the possibilities of ink painting, serving to reveal the profound potential and contemporaneity of ink art.