Past Exhibition

Art and Writing

06 Nov - 06 Nov  |  2021
Gao XingjianGu GanTing WalasseWang DonglingWang Tiande
Southside Saturday

For Southside Saturday on 6 November, Alisan Fine Arts-Aberdeen is pleased to organize a one-day event featuring the paintings or five internationally renowned artists: Gao Xingjian, Gu Gan, Walasse Ting, Wang Tiande, and Wang Dongling, paired together with their writings. These include Gao Xingjian's Nobel Prize novel "Soul Mountain", Walasse Ting's translation of Li Bai's poems, and the artistic sharing of Wang Tiande, Wang Dongling and Gu Gan. To gain a better understanding of these artists, please come join us at the gallery as we read excerpts from their writings on an hourly basis throughout the day.

Reading schedule:
11 am Gu Gan “The Three Steps of Modern Calligraphy” (Cantonese)
12 noon Walasse Ting “Chinese Moonlight” Su Shi & Du Fu’s poems (English)
1 pm Wang Dongling “Series of Calligraphy” (Cantonese)
2 pm Gao Xingjian “Soul Mountain” (English)
3 pm “Wang Tiande: From Ashes to Flame” (Cantonese)
4 pm Walasse Ting “Chinese Moonlight” Li Bai’s poems (English)
5 pm Gao Xingjian “Soul Mountain” (Cantonese)