Past Exhibition

Have a Rice Day

10 Sep - 15 Oct  |  2022
Mui Ngo-suet, Charlotte
Closing party: 15 October 2022, Saturday, 11am-6pm
Conversation: 3pm-4pm
Charlotte Mui x Ruby Weatherall of Asia Art Archive

Alisan Fine Arts is excited to announce the first solo exhibition for emerging Hong Kong artist Charlotte Mui at Alisan Aberdeen. For her inaugural exhibition, Mui will be showing a new series of paintings that were inspired by her mother and grandmother’s home-cooked dishes. The artist makes use of vibrant colours and personified food subjects on a circular paper canvas to depict her family delicacies such as steamed Panther Grouper, vegetable soup, and sweet potato soup. The title “Have a Rice Day” is taken from the local Chinese saying “Three dishes one soup and rice for free” (三餸一湯白飯任裝), resonating with the whimsical style of Mui’s work. This exhibition is part of Hong Kong Art Gallery Association’s Summer Programme which aims to promote young Hong Kong talent.

Mui’s unique visual representation demonstrates her identity as a Millennial artist, who combines pop culture, cartoon, and down-to-earth themes in the making of her Surrealist artworks.

Mui's popular Tarot card series received sell-out success last year at Alisan Aberdeen’s group show Chinese Surrealism which was as part of the French May Arts Festival Associate Project in 2021.

Artist Biography
Born in Hong Kong in 1996, Charlotte Mui is an emerging artist working mainly in watercolours and digital. Her work often reflects her own experiences, visions, and dreams while drawing inspiration from mythologies, art history, theatre, popular culture and home. Although Mui did not receive formal art training and instead studied English Literature and Art History at the University of Hong Kong, obtaining her BA in 2018, she has always enjoyed painting and as a child has won numerous international and local awards for her work. After a decade of painting competitively, Mui continues to search for her own voice and mode of expression. In 2020, she created her own deck of Tarot cards, “L’Œil de L’Âme Tarot”, which she uses exclusively for her fortune-telling endeavors. This series of Tarot cards was recently collected by Tate Library in the UK. This year Mui was selected to participate in HKWalls Mentorship Programme 2022, creating a mural which is currently on display at HK harbour waterfront.

Mui is currently working full time at Asia Art Archive.