Past Exhibition


23 Sep - 30 Sep  |  2015
Kan Tai-KeungCheung Shu SunChui Tze-hungLeung Kui-Ting Poon Chun-wahLui Shou-KwanWong WuciusKoo MeiChou IreneLee Ching ManHui PatLing Pui-szeHo Kwun-tingCheuk Ka-wai, CherieWong StanleyHung Keung Catalogue
Alisan Fine Arts proudly presents “A Legacy of Ink: Lui Shou-kwan 40 Years On” an exhibition of Lui Shou-kwan (1919-1975) to commemorate the 40th year since his untimely death. Intrinsically linked to the milieu of post-war Hong Kong art and culture, scholars have credited Lui Shou-kwan with the establishment of New Ink Painting Movement, “a movement that has had far-reaching influence on modern and contemporary ink art.” The late art historian Michael Sullivan wrote that “what makes Lui Shou-kwan so important can, I believe, be summed up in three factors… he developed a style quite independent of the dominant Lingnan School painters; his sheer creative energy and power to inspire others; and the fact that, more perhaps than any other artist of his time, he created an artistic identity for Hong Kong, and so contributed enormously to the birth of a rich cultural life that Hong Kong enjoys today.”

Curated by Daphne King, director of Alisan Fine Arts, this exhibition presents works from the Lui Shou-kwan’s family’s private collection, offering examples from throughout his artistic career,from his Hong Kong semi-abstract landscapes, to scenes of boats and culminating in his renowned abstract Zen paintings.

In particular it is our hope to examine the discursive and wide ranging influences Lui Shou-kwan’s legacy left behind. We will feature works by 12 of Lui’s hundreds of students, specifically the “group of students who became the cornerstone of the Hong Kong arts scene” and who were inspired by Lui Shou-kwan. Included are Wucius Wong, Leung Kui Ting, Pat Hui, Kan Tai Keung, Chui Tze Hung, Poon Chun Wah, Irene Chou, Lee Ching Man, Eddie Cheung Shu Sang, Cheung Shu Sun, Koo Mei, and Laurence Tam. Another focus is how these artists “in turn passed on their knowledge and accomplishments to the next generation of students” from this new generation we have selected eight artists from CUHK, where Lui taught, the Hong Kong Art School, and several new emerging artists. Included are, CC Ling Pui Sze, Cheuk Ka Wai, Cherie, Kassia Ko, Hanison, Lau Hok Shing, Stanley Wong (Another Mountain Man), Wang Xu, Hung Keung, and Ho Kwun Ting.

Additionally a photographic selection of ephemera, including letters, photographs and diaries from the Lui Shou-kwan archive will be on view for the first time.

Officiated by
Professor Joseph J.Y. Sung (Vice-Chancellor and President of The
Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Mr Nelson Leong (Chairman, Board of Governors and Committees, Hong Kong Arts Centre)
Mr Tang Hoi-chiu (Former Chief Curator, Hong Kong Museum of Art)
Mr Pi Daojian (Deputy Director, Curatorial Committee, Chinese Artists Association)

“From Lui Shou-kwan and the New Ink Painting Movement, to the Current Landscape of Contemporary Chinese ink”
By Lui Shou-kwan’s students
Wucius Wong | Chui Tze-hung | Kan Tai-keung | Leung Kui-ting
Tang Hoi-chiu (Former Chief Curator, Hong Kong Museum of Art)
Tina Yee-wan Pang (Curator, Hong Kong Visual Culture, M+)
Josh Yiu (Acting Director, Art Museum of Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Date: 26 Sept (Saturday), 3-5pm
Venue: 5/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre

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