Past Exhibition

The Chinese Root: Works By Mainland and Overseas Chinese Artists

08 Jul - 22 Jul  |  1997
Hui PatLai TCLui Shou-KwanWong WuciusChao Chung-HsiangChu Teh-ChunChuang CheHsiao ChinTing WalasseZao Wou-KiHoo Mojong
From July 8 to 21, 1997, Alisan Fine Arts presents in Shanghai, jointly with, and at the Shanghai Art Museum an exhibition of a 102 Chinese paintings. The 55 Hong Kong and overseas Chinese art pieces are offering by Alisan Fine Arts, while the 47 oil and ink paintings of Mainland Chinese artists are from the Museum collection. This exhibition aims at taking overseas artists from different geographical horizons back to their roots, indeed reuniting them all on the mainland, in a single exhibition. A catalogue will be published for the show.
As Hong Kong reunites to China in July, it is an appropriate time to present together some Hong Kong artists (Pat Hui, T. C. Lai, Lui Shou-kwan, Diana Wong, Wucius Wong), and bring their works to show in Shanghai, a cosmopolitan city with the same vibe as Hong Kong.
Together with these Hong Kong artists we are showing the paintings of some Chinese artists who left the Mainland in the 40s and 50s such as Zao Wou-ki, Chu Teh-chun, Hoo Mojong, who left for Paris; Hsiao Chin who left for Milan; Chao Chung-hsiang, Chuang Che and Walasse Ting, who left for New York.
It is the first time that Wu Guanzhong, Zao Wou-ki, Chu Teh-chun and Chao Chung-hsiang, the four most internationally renowned Chinese painters, are shown together. They were classmates in the late 30s at the Hangzhou National Fine Arts School (renamed recently, the China National Academy of Fine Arts), where they studied under Lin Fengmian and Pan Tianshou.