Past Exhibition

Kaleidoscope: Contemporary Hong Kong Artists 2001

18 Dec - 20 Feb  |  2000 -2001
Chui Tze-hungFang ZhaolingKan Tai-KeungLeung Kui-Ting Lui Shou-KwanWong WuciusHa Bik-chuen
Alisan Fine Arts is proud to exhibit paintings by local Hong Kong artists in “Kaleidoscope: Contemporary Hong Kong Artists 2001”. Coinciding with the 2000 exhibition of contemporary art at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, this show features works by Chui Tze-hung, Fang Zhaoling, Ha Bik-chuen, Kan Tai-keung, Leung Kui-ting, Lui Chun-kwong, Lui Shou-kwan and Wucius Wong.

The artists have either left the mainland to settle in Hong Kong or are locally born Chinese. Regardless, the influences of Western culture, Asian tradition, and an international city, have resulted in an independent style identifiable as Hong Kong art. Although many of these artists have been traditionally trained, their styles have challenged the restrained form of Chinese painting.