Past Exhibition

Between Two Cultures: The Paintings of Chao Chung-hsiang

02 Oct - 09 Oct  |  1992
This exhibition, accompanied by a major catalogue, is a retrospective of sorts and the culmination of years of work by Mrs. Alice King who is determined to give Chao's art the credit and attention it deserves."Between his own introverted personality and the indifference of some segments of the international art world, Chao has long been neglected," Mrs. King said."But he always wanted a catalogue, and he wanted the exposure which he knew he needed to ensure that his work would be seen by major collectors and other people in the art world. Now he will have both, but sadly, he won't be here to enjoy it."

This will be Chao's first major show in Hong Kong since 1985 and his first major show in Asia since the 1984 inaugural exhibition of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Copies of the substantial, hard-cover catalogue, with over 120 full-colour plates, are available for purchase at each site.