Past Exhibition

Chao Chung-hsiang Travelling Exhibition 2004

04 Mar - 26 Oct  |  2004
Both the travelling exhibition and the accompanying catalogues offer examples of all four of Chao's main subjects: flowers and fish, birds, the cosmos, and abstraction. He was a Chinese artist who straddle, bridged and sometimes slipped between East and West.

The travelling exhibition will be divided into two parts, Chao Chung-hsiang: The Eternal Searcher(4 March - 4 April in Taipei Museum of History) and Love of the Cosmos: The Art of Chao Chung-hsiang(16-27 April 2004, National Art Museum of China, Beijing; 8-18 May 2004, Shanghai Museum of Art; 2 June-1 July 2004, Galerie Adler, Paris; 6-26 October 2004, The Hong Kong Arts Center).