Past Exhibition

Tseng Yuho- A Visual Symphony of Form, Line & Dot

18 Nov - 13 Dec  |  2003
During the months of November and December, Alisan Fine Arts will be showing twenty-six paintings by Tseng Yuho, in its first exhibition for this internationally acclaimed artist, distinguished scholar and educator, that have come from her 2002 retrospective at the National Museum of History in Taipei.

Before she left China, Tseng Yuho had exhibited her paintings both at home and internationally, and was considered one of the most talented and promising young artists of her time. During her years aboard, she continued to work hard, to study and to paint, and developed into an internationally important and well-known Chinese artist. She has exhibited extensively around the world, and her 2002 retrospective at the National History Museum in Taiwan featured 124 pieces from different periods of her life. Dr Huang Kuang-nan, Director of the Museum, wrote in his preface to the catalogue: "We have organized this exhibition in order to encourage creativity in art, to improve the perspective of viewers and pay tribute to this opportunity to appreciate the beauty and deep meanings of her art."