Hui Pat & Wong Wucius

1943, Hong Kong; 1936, Guangdong China


Wucius Wong and Pat Hui were both students of Lui Shou Kwan, Hong Kong's doyen of Chinese ink painting. They shared a common interest in poetry, calligraphy, and painting since they met almost 50 years ago. Wucius uses poems from the Tang and Song Dynasty as well as his own modern compositions and writes them in a running cursive style, superimposed over the colourful abstract 'landscapes' by Pat Hui. The result is a visual translation and interpretation of poetry comprising of colour, sound, scent, and scenery.


Wucius Wong was born in 1936 in Guangdong Province, China, and moved to Hong Kong at a very young age. He began as a self- taught artist attracted to Western modernism and later studied under the tutelage of Lui Shou-Kwan in 1958, whose works entailed the exploration of traditional concepts via a modernist approach. Often compared to the classical Chinese landscape painters of the Northern Song dynasty, Wong has mastered the ability to evoke the spirit of poetry within his sweeping ink works. Having participated in various important exhibitions worldwide, his works are collected by various museums and institutions around the world.


Hui began studying painting under Lui Shou-Kwan in 1961 after Wong introduced them. Following undergraduate studies in Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong, she attended the University of Minnesota where she completed a PhD in Western Philosophy with a minor in Chinese and Indian Buddhism. In 1974, she studied Studio Art and Design at the same university. In 1978, she moved to Canada and began designing clothes using her own technique of painting on silk. Since then she has founded her own fine art gallery, Hui Arts, in Canada and the United States, and the art studio Traffic Zone Centre for Visual Arts in Minneapolis. All the while she has continued painting, combining her ink art with her studies in philosophy and literature. Her works have been collected by Minneapolis Institute of Arts; The Marsh, Minneapolis; Hongkong Land; American Express, Hong Kong; BHF Bank, Hong Kong.


1936    Born in Dongguan, Guangdong, China
1938    Moved to Hong Kong
1955    Co-publisher of the periodical Poetry Blossom
1958    Began studying with Lui Shou-kwan
1959    Co-founder and chairman of the Modern Literature and Art Association, Hong Kong
1960    Organized 1st International Salon of Painting, Hong Kong
1961    Studied at Columbus College of Art and Design, Ohio, United States
1963-64    Received BFA and MFA degrees, Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore, USA
1965    Organized art and design courses, Extra Mural Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong
1966    Assistant Curator, City Hall Museum and Art Gallery, Hong Kong
1967    Principal lecturer, School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, until 1984
1970    Grantee of John D Rockefeller 3rd Fund, stayed in New York to do research on Modern Art, United States
1971    Travelled in United States and Europe; visited United Kingdom under sponsorship of British Council
1972    Acting Curator, City Hall Museum and Art Gallery, Hong Kong
1976    Appointed Honorary Adviser, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong
1984    Panellist on the Symposium on 20th Century Chinese Painting, Hong Kong
Immigrated to United States, took up residence in Minnesota
1985-1994    Moved to Columbus, Ohio, United States
1989    Panellist, Symposium on Contemporary Chinese Art, China Institute in America, New York, United States Harrisburg, United States
1991    Resident artist, Brandywine Workshop, Philadelphia, United States
1993-94    Visiting artist, League of NH Craftman Spring Conference, Concord; Louisville Visual Art Association, Kentucky, United States
1994    Speaker, Conference on the Nature of Chinese Painting, University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom
1996    Moved back to Hong Kong
2007    Received Bronze Bauhinia Star Medal by Hong Kong Government
2014    Published Collection of Essays by Wucius Wong, Flower City Publishing, Guangzhou, China
2015    Honorary Artist of the Year, awarded by Asia Society, Hong Kong
Present Adjunct Professor, Fine Arts Department, Chinese University of
Hong Kong Museum Expert Adviser, Leisure and Culture Department,
Hong Kong Honorary Chairman, Chinese Ink Painting Institute, Hong
Kong Adviser, Hong Kong Artists Association, Hong Kong
Committee Member, Chinese Ink Painting Institute, Beijing, China


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1970    John D Rockefeller III Fund Grant, United States
1999    Fellowship Emeritus, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Hong Kong
Jos. V Canzani Award for Alumni Excellence, Columbus College of Art &
Design, Ohio, United States

Minnesota Museum of Art, Minnesota
Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minnesota
Saint Paul Art Museum, Minnesota
Harvard University, Massachusetts
Museum of Chicago Art Institute, Chicago
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Florida A & M University, Florida
City University of New York, New York
Chase Manhattan Bank, New York
Morgan Guaranty Trust, New York
Prudential Insurance, New York
American Express, Washington DC
The World Bank, Washington DC
Ford Motor Company, Detroit
British Museum, London, United Kingdom
Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst, Berlin, Germany
Eastern Art Museum, Hamburg, Germany
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
Australia National Trust, Melbourne, Australia
Union Bank of Switzerland, Switzerland
Shanghai Art Museum, China
First National Bank of Dallas, Singapore
Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
University Museum and Art Gallery, University of Hong Kong
Peninsula Group, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong
Standard & Chartered Bank, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Land, Hong Kong
Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, Hong Kong


1943 Born in Hong Kong

1961-62 Learned Chinese painting from Lui Shou-Kwan 

1963 Member of Modern Literature and Art Association, Hong Kong

1964 BA (Hons.), University of Hong Kong, major: Western philosophy; minor: Chinese philosophy

1967-71 Graduate School, University of Minnesota, United States, major: Western philosophy; minor: Chinese and Indian Buddhism

1974 Studio Art and Design Department, University of Minnesota, United States

1980 Founded Hui Arts, Toronto, Canada

Participated in Art Toronto ‘80

1981-86 Founded Hui Arts, Minneapolis, United States, representing contemporary Chinese artists from all over the world

1997 Founded Hui Arts Studio at Traffic Zone Centre for Visual Arts, Minneapolis, United States

Present Lives in Minneapolis, United States, working as an artist, writer and translator




  • Exhibition with Paul Kwok, Traffic Zone Gallery, Minneapolis, United States


  • By the Water—Colourful Seasons in Minnesota, Works by Pat Hui and Paul Kwok, Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong



  • To Live and to Create: Painting/Poetry/Calligraphy/Translation by Pat Hui, Hui Arts, Minneapolis, United States


  • Painting/Poetry/Calligraphy, Marsh Gallery, Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States


  • Annual Spring Exhibition with Paul Kwok, Hui Arts, Minneapolis, United States


  • Painting/Poetry/Calligraphy/Translation/Fashion/Photography by Pat Hui, Hui Arts, Minneapolis, United States


  • New Landscapes, Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong


  • The Poetic Vision: Poetry, Painting, Calligraphy with Wucius Wong, Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong


  • Spring: Poetry, Painting, Calligraphy, Hui Arts, Minneapolis, United States


  • The Shadow of Poetry: Fashion Design, Painting, Calligraphy, Honeywell Corporate Gallery, Minneapolis, United States


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  • Painting and Fashion, Hui Arts, Minneapolis, United States






  • 125 Group Exhibition, Poetry (English & Chinese) /Painting by Paul Kwok/Calligraphy by Pat Hui, Hui Arts, Minneapolis, United States


  • 145 Group Exhibition, Poetry (English & Chinese) /Painting by Paul Kwok/Calligraphy by Pat Hui, Hui Arts, Minneapolis, United States



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  • Opening show, Forum Gallery, Minneapolis, United States


  • Shui Mo – The New Spirit of Chinese Tradition, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong 
  • Painting/Poetry/Calligraphy with Wucius Wong, Lu Weiming, Hui Arts, Minneapolis, United States



Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, United States

The Marsh, Minneapolis, United States

Hongkong Land, Hong Kong

American Express Bank, Hong Kong

BHF Bank, Hong Kong