Luo Qi

1960, Hangzhou China


Born in 1960 Hangzhou, Luo Qi is a founder and leading figure of the post-modern calligraphy movement Calligraphyism, formed in Mainland China in the 1980s. This group of Chinese artists attempts to transform Chinese calligraphy into a contemporary idiom, challenging its aesthetic style and semantic function. He graduated from the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou in 1986, having majored in etching, before working as a lecturer at the same academy. In 2001, he won the painting award at the Third Florence International Contemporary Art Biennial. He was also a finalist at The First Ten Years: Chinese Contemporary Art Documentary Exhibition, and won the Contemporary International Art Award at the Fujisan International Ink Painting Exhibition in Japan in 2004. He was appointed Director of the Calligraphy Art Institute in Hangzhou in 2009 and established the Luo Qi International Contemporary Art Museum in Zhejiang in 2013. Lars Berglund writes that the artist “never abandons his heritage in calligraphy and ink painting… he still maintains that the ideas behind his abstract works are purely Chinese.”  

He has had numerous major exhibitions across the globe, including in the United States, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Hong Kong. His work was also included in the important modern calligraphy exhibition Writing Non-writing at the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou in 2015. Alisan Fine Arts held solo exhibitions for Luo Qi in 2004, 2006 and 2009, and exhibited his works in the group show Tracing the Brush: Transformed Text at Ink Asia 2015. His works have been collected by The Rubin-Frankel Gallery, Boston University; Yale University Art Gallery; Cleveland Public Library; University of Genoa; Malmö Modern Art Museum; Lund University, Sweden; National Museum of History and Art, Luxembourg.


1960     Born in Hangzhou, China
1986     Graduated from China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China, majoring in etching
1986-96     Lecturer at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China
1996     Editor/Associate Professor, China Academy of Art Press, Hangzhou, China
1999-00     Lectured at Milan Academy of Fine Arts, Genova University, Asia-Pacific Archive, Italy; Seattle Communication College, WA; International Art Center, Washington DC, USA
2000-01     Visited Columbia University, Harvard University, Washington University, USA; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; Academy of Fine Arts, Lund University, Lund, Sweden; China-France Cultural Art Association, Paris, France; National Art Gallery, Ministry of Culture, Luxembourg
2001     Invited by Genova University and Asia-Pacific Contemporary Art Committee to organize exhibitions The Asian Art of Writing & Photography in China
2005     Chief editor, Art Riches Magazine, Hangzhou, China
Visited Academy of Art, Ewha Women's University, Korea
2006     Visited National Art Gallery, Ministry of Culture, Luxembourg; East-Asian Museum, Lund University, Sweden
2008     Paris Fashion Week 2008/09 Autumn/Winter, Louvre, France
2009     Director of Calligraphyism Art Institute, Hangzhou, China
2013     Established Luo Qi International Contemporary Art Museum, Zhejiang, China 
2018     Lectured at Bologna University, Bologna, Italy



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  • Winner of "The Most Beautiful Book" in China, China
  • Nomination The First Ten Years: Chinese Contemporary Art Documentary Exhibition
  • China Contemporary International Art Award, Fujisan International Ink Painting Exhibition, Japan


  • Painting Award, 3rd Florence International Contemporary Art Biennial, Italy
  • International Art Contribution Award, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

The Rubin-Frankel Gallery, Hillel House, Boston University, Boston, USA
Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, USA
Asia-Pacific Art Centre, Pasadena, USA
Cleveland Public Library, Ohio, USA
FBVA Foundation for the Humanities, France
Art Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France
Contemporary Asia-Pacific Art Archives, Italy
Genova University, Genova, Italy
Malmö Modern Art Museum, Malmo, Sweden
Lund University, Lund, Sweden
Research Institute for East-Asian Culture, Berlin, Germany
National Art Gallery, Ministry of Culture, Luxembourg
RTESN Gallery, Netherlands
Novo Nordisk Art Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
Eastern Art Museum, Japan
Netherlands Consul General in Shanghai, China
Chinese Contemporary Art Documentary Center, Beijing, China
Oriental Plaza, Beijing, China
Grand Hyatt, Beijing, China
Consul General of France in Hong Kong


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