Zhang Yirong

1979, Shaanxi China


Zhang Yirong was born in 1979 in Shaanxi, China. She first received her training in classical Chinese ink painting at a young age from her father, Zhang Xiubiao. In 2001 she obtained her BA from Communication University of China, Beijing and an MA from Peking University in 2008. Upon graduation, she spent eight years practicing under the internationally acclaimed artist Liu Dan. With his guidance, she has created meticulous paintings that display her ability to capture painted subjects in exquisite and analytical details.

Her art, which often feature a feminine sensitivity and natural style, is swept up in a wide range of classical influences and inspirations from the Song and Yuan Dynasties, particularly the Song Dynasty artistic tradition of direct observation. Zhang’s elegantly wrought compositions avoid hackneyed themes and instead focus on an organic source of perfected beauty. 

She is known for her quietly sophisticated butterfly and flower painting. Her work is in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum, New York and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, United States.  She has had exhibitions in the US, China and Hong Kong, including our recent group shows in 2014, Beyond the Jade Terrace showcasing four young woman Chinese artists and joint exhibition One with the Universe in 2017.


1979    Born in Shaanxi, China

2001    BA from Communication University of China

2005    Began study of classical painting under Liu Dan

2008    MA from Peking University, Beijing, China
Currently lives and works in Beijing, China


  • Ink painting of Zhang Yirong, Catherine Palace, Moscow, Russia


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  • Yaozhou Procelain of Shangshan Tang Collection, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, United States


2017   2014 
  • Ink paintings by Constance Fong and Yirong Zhang, The Chinese Porcelain Company, New York, United States
  • Ink paintings by Constance Fong and Yirong Zhang, The Chinese Porcelain Company, New York, United States
  • Another Landscape, Edge Gallery, Hong Kong
  • The Chinese Porcelain Company, Asia Week New York, United States

Brooklyn Museum, New York, United States
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, United States