Qiu Deshu

1948-2020, Shanghai China


Qiu Deshu was born in 1948 in Shanghai, China. He founded Grass Grass Group, a group of twelve artists dedicated to promote artistic originality in 1979. In 1982, he discovered the cracks in adversity and henceforth affirmed fissuring as his artistic language and philosophic basis. A few years later, he became an artist in residence at Tufts University. He created a monumental mural in the new building of its campus center. In 1986, he established himself as a professional painter. Two years later, he was invited to lecture at the John King Fairbank Centre of Harvard University. Additionally, in 1996, he was invited to lecture at the Art Department of the University of Arizona, USA. He was listed in Chinese Ink Art Year Book 2020 published by Beijing's Culture and Art Publisher in 2021. He currently lives and works in Shanghai, China.

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