Past Exhibition

Calligraphy-Painting, Luo Qi

10 Oct - 31 Oct  |  2006
Luo Qi Catalogue
Alisan Fine Arts presents "Calligraphy-Painting, Luo Qi". This is the fourth in a series of exhibitions related to calligraphy that Alisan Fine Arts has been presenting since the beginning of this year, in which we have attempted to trace the development of calligraphy from the traditional to the modern to the avant-garde. Through this series of exhibitions we have introduced artist such as Fung Ming Chip, John Way, and Asian Cultural Council award recipient Wei Ligang to show how they have modified this ancient tradition in their repertoire to be more compatible to the modern era.

This present exhibition features 36 works by Luo Qui, a leading proponent of a modern calligraphy movement known as calligraphyism. Calligraphyism seeks to alter the basic structure of the characters themselves, to this point that they can no longer be read as writing. Calligraphy in this sense becomes pure abstract art. Luo Qi is an excellent example of an artist who has created contemporary work with classical roots.

Luo Qi (born in 1960, Hangzhou, China) is a leading figure of the postmodern calligraphy movement known as Calligraphyism. He belongs to a group of Chinese artists who attempt to transform Chinese calligraphy into a contemporary idiom by challenging its aesthetic style and semantic function. Luo graduated from China Academy of Art in 1986 and has exhibited overseas in Italy, Germany, France, Luxembourg, USA, Japan, Korea, etc.