Past Exhibition

French May: Encre/Chine: Ink Paintings by Jean Degottex, Gao Xingjian and T’ang Haywen

20 May - 26 Jun  |  2005
Gao XingjianT’ang Haywen Catalogue
As part of French May this year, Alisan Fine Arts is presenting an exhibition with an “East-West” theme featuring two French-Chinese artists, T’ang Haywen (1927-1991), Nobel Laureate for Literature, Gao Xingjian (b. 1940), and a French artist, Jean Degottex (1918-1988). T’ang and Gao both explore the power of Chinese ink on rice paper, bringing to mind the abstraction of the West; while Degottex’s works show the influence of Chinese calligraphy on his paintings. This will be the first show for Degottex in Hong Kong.

T. T. Tsui Building, University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong
94 Bonham Road, Hong Kong

Catalogue available