Past Art Fair

Ink Asia 2019

04 Oct - 07 Oct  |  2019
Fang ZhaolingLee Chun-yiLi HuashengLui Shou-KwanNan QiTai XiangzhouZhang Yu
Lecture: 4 Oct, Fri 4-5pm, Lecture Hall
Dialogue between Liu Kuo-sung and Lee Chun-yi: The Cultural Inheritance of Contemporary Ink Art (in Putonghua)
Moderator: Lesley Ma, Curator of Ink Art, M+ Museum, Hong Kong

Private Preview (By invitation only): 3 Thurs 3-9pm
Vernissage (By invitation only): 3 Thurs 6-9pm
Public: 4-6 Fri-Sun 11am-7:30pm; 7 Mon 11am- 6pm

In addition to Ink Asia, photographs by New York celebrity photographer Markus Klinko will be displayed in the public area of Fine Art Asia

Brushing Nature Landscape Paintings
Alisan Fine Arts is proud to participate in Ink Asia for the fourth time since the fair’s inception in 2015. Our booth this year focuses on the genre of landscape painting (山水畫), whose history within Chinese painting traces back for more than 2000 years. Through this presentation of masterpieces by six artists from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, we aim to demonstrate the evolution and development of contemporary Chinese landscape painting in recent years. Represented artists include two late Hong Kong ink masters, Fang Zhaoling and Lui Shou-kwan, the late Sichuan painter Li Huasheng, and three artists working within the New Ink Art movement – Beijing-based Nan Qi and Tai Xiangzhou, and the Taiwanese artist Lee Chun-yi, who studied under the renown “Father of Modern Ink Painting,” Liu Kuo-sung.

Thirty years ago, when the international art scene was still dominated by Western art, Alisan Fine Arts understood the potential of contemporary ink painting and actively pushed for its advancement, curating the important landscape exhibition Modern Chinese Painting: Selected Works of Beijing, Hangzhou and Sichuan Painters at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 1989. This exhibition introduced seven well-known ink artists from Mainland China to the Hong Kong public, including Peng Xiancheng, Zeng Mi, Nie Ou, Jia Youfu and Jiang Baolin – all important painters of "New Literati Painting" (Xin Wenren Hua). At that time, another new trend "Experimental Ink” was gaining momentum in the Mainland. From that time on, diversification of styles within Chinese ink painting has become mainstream to contemporary Chinese art. Among these styles, contemporary landscape painting stands as a noteworthy category with a broad range of approaches and nuanced techniques.