Past Art Fair

Art 021 Platform

10 Nov - 15 Nov  |  2020
Cai Wen-You Chao Chung-HsiangTing WalasseWang MengshaWang TiandeZhang Yirong
Public: 10-15 Nov (accessible on Art 021 official website)

For the inaugural edition of the Art 021 Platform, a virtual space, Alisan Fine Arts is proud to present a showcase of artworks by six Chinese artists from three different generations; corresponding to our gallery’s focus on promoting Chinese diaspora and New Ink Art. Alisan Fine Arts has participated in the Art 021 Art Fair since 2017.

Represented artists include the internationally acclaimed painters Walasse Ting and Chao Chung-hsiang; well- known contemporary ink artist Wang Tiande; emerging women ink artists Wang Mengsha and Zhang Yirong; and renowned photographer Cai Wen-You, the daughter of internationally acclaimed artist Cai Guo-Qiang.

For the Art 021 Platform, newly created works by Wang Mengsha and Zhang Yirong will be displayed virtually alongside Walasse Ting’s well-known horse and lovebird paintings, as well as Chao Chung-hsiang’s bird series and selections of Wang Tiande's iconic burn mark landscape series. Finally, we will also present Cai Wen-You’s photographs that record the daily life of her father. The selection of works consists of a large range of mediums that spans from Chinese ink to digital photography, presenting the complete image of Chinese contemporary art and revealing it’s unique aspects.

Link for Art 021 Platform:

Selection of the works are available for in person viewing at Aberdeen gallery. Please contact us for appointment.