Past Exhibition

Contemporary Forms of Ink Painting

04 Apr - 25 Jul  |  2020
Kum Chi-KeungLan ZhenghuiNan QiTing WalasseZhang YirongZhang YuCherney Michael
South Side Art Day
Date: Saturday, 25 April 2020
Time: 12-7pm

Guided tours
2pm, 4pm, 6pm, each tour lasts approximately 10 minutes
Please email us @ with your preferred time slot

A shuttlebus will travel among the galleries from 12 pm to 6pm, stopping at Ha Lung Industrial Building, Hing Wai Centre and Global Trade Square in 15-minute intervals.

Aside from 25 April, gallery will remain open Wednesday to Saturday 10am-6pm 

An e-catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition

For a long time, contemporary ink art was limited to the Asian continent. However, through the diligent work from these artists, contemporary ink art has found its way to the West and has since influenced many artists. While rooted in ink tradition, these artists strive to revolutionize the classical format and reinvented traditional ink art, be it through the use of innovative media, choice of subject matter, presentation or composition. Artists showcasing here include American photographer Michael Cherney, the prestigious Chinese diaspora Walasse Ting, internationally acclaimed Zhang Yu, Nan Qi and Lan Zhenghui from Mainland China, Hong Kong sculptor Kum Chi-keung and emerging female artist Zhang Yirong.